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Proppi 2 Propagation Station

Proppi 2 Propagation Station


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The Proppi 2 Propagation Station by Cup O Flora is a stunning Roman-inspired 2-tube station, designed to propagate your favourite indoor plants. Crafted from sustainable bamboo and borosilicate glass, this unique propagation station not only supports plant growth but also serves as a beautiful decorative piece.

Key Features

  • Roman-inspired Design: The elegant design draws inspiration from ancient Roman amphoras, adding a touch of historical charm to your space.
  • Sustainable Materials: Made from eco-friendly bamboo and durable borosilicate glass, combining sustainability with style.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for propagating plant cuttings; once rooted, they can be kept in the tubes as ornamental pieces or potted into soil.
  • Perfectly Packaged: The Proppi 2 is safely packed in a kraft branded box, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition and is ready to gift.


  • Bamboo Frame:
    • Length: 13 cm
    • Width: 5.8 cm
    • Height: 14 cm
  • Amphora Tubes:
    • Diameter: 3.2 cm
    • Height: 11.8 cm
    • Capacity: 55 mL

Benefits for Your Business

The Proppi 2 Propagation Station is an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their product offerings with minimal effort:

  • Low Maintenance: The propagation station is easy to use and maintain, making it perfect for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts.
  • Professional Aesthetic: The combination of bamboo and glass adds a sophisticated and modern touch to any space, enhancing the overall business environment.
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for propagating a variety of plant cuttings, this station allows for flexibility in plant selection and placement, ensuring customer satisfaction through quality and practicality.
  • High Profitability: With its unique design and practical benefits, this product offers an excellent opportunity for retailers to increase their profitability while providing value to their customers.

Product features

  • Award-winning range
  • Easy-care design
  • Hassle and mess free for you and your customers

Materials and care

  • Tough Borosilicate glass
  • Machine-washable -easy to clean
  • Synthetic wick - lasts forever
  • Recyclable packaging

Merchandising tips

  • Pot all vessels with gorgeous plants
  • Bunch them together and display at eye level
  • Separate from other pots to attract attention.
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