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Semi-hydro Substrate

Semi-hydro Substrate


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Use semi-hydro mineral substrate to grow a wide variety of indoor plants, especially those that thrive in a soilless environment. This substrate is designed to retain moisture while providing excellent aeration, making it perfect for promoting healthy root development. The mineral substrate has a stable pH value and won't decompose over time. Its unique composition ensures a well-balanced structure that supports robust root growth and stability. Use it with a self-watering system or submerge it partially in water to keep your plants hydrated.

Ideal plants for this potting medium include:


Important: Always wash before use.

Product features

  • Award-winning range
  • Easy-care design
  • Hassle and mess free for you and your customers

Materials and care

  • Tough Borosilicate glass
  • Machine-washable -easy to clean
  • Synthetic wick - lasts forever
  • Recyclable packaging

Merchandising tips

  • Pot all vessels with gorgeous plants
  • Bunch them together and display at eye level
  • Separate from other pots to attract attention.
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